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Plus, her not so tall height of 5' 5½" inches has complemented her elegant looks.

Her weight is not known, but judging from her recent picture, she has done well to balance her weight even at this age.

Last week, Celia Imrie, who has starred in a host of plays, TV shows and films, including Calendar Girls, told of her teenage battle with anorexia and her suffering at the hands of an evil psychiatrist.

Now, in the second part of her refreshingly candid autobiography, the actress tells of the pact she made with her son's father - and why she kept her pregnancy a secret...

In Russell’s grandmother, Frances Howard, Countess of Somerset and daughter of the Earl of Suffolk, she appears to have stumbled on a full-blooded murderess.

In one of the great scandals of the early 17th century, Frances and her husband Robert Carr were found guilty of the murder of his former friend and court rival, Thomas Overbury.

Influential persona Celia Imire is a British actress who has been successful to win millions of hearts, thanks to her excellence in movies, soap operas and television.

Throughout her career, she has been exploring drama and comedy roles, and now at the age of 66, English movie industry loves Celia’s matriarch roles, as of now, but there something more her audience can dare to love.

One day I went to BBC Broadcasting House to do a radio play. Anyhow, I told Ben that, although I never wanted to take that step, I did want a baby, now more than ever, before it was too late. But because Ben had a grown-up family I was very anxious not to upset them.If Ben could take all that on board, I said, then his offer to fulfil my wish for a child would be wonderful. However, while driving my mother across Putney Bridge on our way to Christmas lunch with the family, I posed her a question: 'Mums, would you mind very much if I had a baby and I wasn't married?' There followed the longest pause I can ever remember in a conversation.Celia Imrie is pursing her extravagant cupid’s bow mouth, eyebrows arched, eyes glittering with feline mischief.

We are discussing her glorious on-screen persona of Home Counties saucepot and whether it reduces slack-jawed middle-aged chaps to stuttering wrecks in real life as well as on screen.

Imrie had initial doubts about being the subject of Who Do You Think You Are? But then, after sharing her misgivings with her After You’ve Gone co-star Nicholas Lyndhurst, she realised she would not be the subject at all. And having had a grandly eccentric mother who viewed all human behaviour as being “in the genes”, she soon found herself seeing it as an irresistible quest. Follow the names back up her maternal family tree and you come to baronet upon baronet, a couple of dukes of Rutland and, in the latter half of the 17th century, the great moral presence of Lord (William) Russell, the Whig martyr executed for his opposition to the succession of King James II.