Dating a girl who has slept with alot of guys games and dating games

03-Mar-2016 01:26

Too many people use the fact that this woman has slept with a certain number a men that they personally deem too high as validation to dismiss this woman as a potential mate or a future great wife. Should the number of men she has slept with really help determine if a man should be with a specific woman?I say how many men she has slept with should not matter. Yes I think waiting till marriage is the best thing to do (which I will discuss in a future post) but I still acknowledge the fact that many of us make a choice to engage in sexual activity before marriage.Men “getting around” has pretty much been accepted as it is.For one thing, younger, more inexperienced guys may be intimidated by a girl who has been with more partners than he has.Even I’ve fallen victim to this, when I dated a more… Having only slept with two girls before, I felt like I couldn’t stack up to her level of expertise.

Now that her class is done I tried to message her about the date, but she didn't respond.

Why does "I love you too" not feel like its supposed to feel? I always feel like since she's dated and hooked up with these other guys that somehow I'm not important either.

We've been together for a while and I trust her but I still feel that I'm "just another" notch. you think she may do the same to you when another guy catches her eye.

I understand that people have different feelings on what is appropriate for themselves, which is fine, but anyone who can't accept your choices and your past?

Deal breaker for YOU."I'm in favor of the don't-ask-don't-tell approach.

But, as with many guys, the issue was rooted in my own insecurities, not in the judgment of my girlfriend’s fruitful past.

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In the Fayetteville case, the high school senior who was criminally charged for sexting his girlfriend was suspended from his football team where he had played quarterback. Paul “Skip” Stam of Apex told a reporter he was not yet convinced that North Carolina needs a sexting law. Despite these concerns, most lawmakers would probably concede that consensual teen sexting is different than child pornography.… continue reading »

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